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Durapax Coal Tar Commercial Roofing Systems offers time tested roofing systems that are designed to meet your toughest requirements and last.
Durapax Coal Tar Roof provides lasting quality.
The traditional Coal Tar built-up roof is one of the most reliable and longest lasting low slope commercial flat roofing systems available. Coal tar is considered the product of choice for roofs which have ponding water due to its superior ability to withstand extended exposure to water. Building owners and roofing contractors have maintained coal tar roofs over 50 years old.
Pentagon coal tar roof
The recognizable quality and durability of a coal tar roof
Large coal tar roof
Low total cost of ownership
Durapax specializes in coal tar roofing systems “built up” with multiple layers of coal tar coated glass felts or coal tar organic felts and hot mopped coal tar roofing pitch, finished with a coal tar flood coat and gravel.

Sells and warrants coal tar built up low slope (flat) roofing systems (BUR). Products are manufactured to meet ASTM specifications, are currently approved by FM and are classified UL Class A.

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